Bureau of Sustainable Techno-Science Development
The techno-science projects are led by Bureau of Sustainable Techno-Science Development within “SDS Int’l Group” to empower young men and women scientists to revitalize global partnership and international solidarity that address sustainable economic and development challenges.
Setting aside skepticism and cynicisms, we lift up the hope to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, building economic stability through science, technology and innovation. The mobilization of means of implementation, are acknowledged as critical driving force to promote integrated and multidimensional joint programs.
This bureau is pledged to provide local ambitious young innovators and potential entrepreneurs with the possibility of networking, skill building, capacity building, mentoring and accessing financial resources through a combination of direct connections with globally-recognized interactive sustainability programs and experts to develop local solutions to local and global problems and to turn their ideas into new functioning businesses.   
For additional information about the SDS Techno-science Bureau and its partners and programs, please check out SDS/SDT's public website ( or contact the SDS team in SDS/STD.
Keep an eye on this page as our projects progress.